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The Preparedness Network is a coalition of experts from every discipline of disaster services and community assistance organizations. Our goal is to educate you and keep you healthy and surviving anything that threatens you and your family. We have created this network to educate and promote preparedness for everyone.

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Learned from the team of experts that dedicated to supporting and serving the community so people can thrive and survive in any situation

  • Situational Awareness Training

  • 1st Person Shooter Education

  • Disaster Triage System

  • Community Preparedness Programs

  • John Maxwell Certified

  • Business Training

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Who We Are

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Jeffrey Weiss

Jeffrey Weiss has been in the disaster preparedness industry for 25 years. For the last 21 years, I have been a member of the American Red Cross, and my first deployment was 911...

Nicky Dare

Before becoming an author, social entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Nicky Dare was a young career woman in her early 20s, working as a corporate consultant and coach in a male...

Christy Adair

Christy Adair is the LAFD CERT Valley Bureau Coordinator. Christy received her CERT Training in 2001 through NBCUniversal where she currently serves as a CERT Team Leader...

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