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Just A Little Help Can Make Their Hearts Happier.

The Preparedness Network is a coalition of experts from every discipline of disaster services and community assistance organizations. Our goal is to educate you, keep you healthy, and survive anything that threatens you and the people you care about. We have created this network to educate and promote preparedness for everyone.

With over 50 years of collective experience, The Preparedness Network will provide educational classes, Get Prepared Tips, talk shows with preparedness professionals, and other information to help you and everyone around you (including pets) to thrive and survive almost any disaster.

Here you will find an array of programming from training classes to quick tips on being prepared. You will find programs such as on one interviews, in-depth stories,
custom-produced programs, and documentaries. Only together can we survive & thrive.

We are also a John Maxwell business coaching Company that teaches how to become better and more productive coworkers.

Lastly, we teach you and your organization how to develop a volunteer culture within your company. Employees who volunteer game valuable work skills, People who volunteer are more comfortable and feel better about themselves. Volunteering relieves stress because it gives them a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Your payment for creating a safe and healthy world is everlasting. The financial gains you will receive for helping others will be priceless.

Meet our Team Leaders

Jeffrey Weiss

Director / CEO

Jeffrey Weiss has been in the disaster preparedness industry for 25 years.

For the last 21 years, I have been a member of the American Red Cross, and my first deployment was 911. I am a shelter manager, logistics, government liaison officer, and public relations officer for the American Red Cross.

Jeffrey is a member of CERT Level(3) trained and an essential part of the city’s community response. He has been a board member, treasurer, secretary, and other offices for the Pacoima Neighborhood Council and has been involved in the mayor’s budget committee under two mayors.

Jeffrey is a small business owner for over 23 years and a stakeholder in Los Angles. He also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, MEND, and the local Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles and has mentored five young boys into men.

Jeffrey has been in the broadcasting industry for over 30 years in 2001 launched Advantage Video Systems and has steadily built its clientele by focusing on one customer at a time. His slogan, “How can we make your day perfect?” drives him and his team to empower clients with the latest information and technology solutions.

His company’s work encompasses workflow consultation, design, installation, and integration.

I have served as a general board member, treasurer, and secretary of SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), sitting on the standards board advising Archiving, UHD, and other committees. I support many other industry organizations, including the Creative Pro User Group Network, the Digital Cinema Society, the Hollywood Post Alliance, the Society of Television Engineers, and the National Association of Broadcasters.

Jeffrey started the Disaster Preparedness Network in 2021 help provide families companies and organizations with needed hands-on support and training to meet their needs to overcoming challenges to Preparedness.

Nicky Dare

Team Member

Before becoming an author, social entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Nicky Dare was a young career woman in her early 20s, working as a corporate consultant and coach in a male dominating industry of business and engineering. Success was on her side, but life changed unpredictably and she faced it with a series of misfortunes.

Nicky Dare has lived in 6 different countries and 3 of 7 continents in the world and is multilingual (English, Indonesia, Spanish, French, basic Dutch, and Arabic).

Shortly after being married, she was abandoned, dealing with a difficult pregnancy to the point of almost losing her unborn baby. After birth, with health complications, the baby had to be in a special intensive care unit. Two weeks after, her father passed away, suffering from a stroke.

Life was not yet done. She had to go through the turmoil of divorce, falling in love, and being broken—again and again. After losing a new marriage and career she has built, a new life emerged – but with many other new challenges. And years after, dealing with severe neck arthritis, she was diagnosed with a rare disorder EDS type 3, with an unknown cure.

But with all of these, Nicky Dare remains resilient. Even with physical limitations, she has the power to remain positive.

And that’s the power she wants to share. She wants people to know that there’s beauty in adversity, light in dark, and opportunity in every loss. Like porcelain, she was crushed, molded, and burned. And yet, came out from the fire with new wisdom and new life. She believes that everyone can do the same, with the right philosophy and plan.

If she can conquer it, so can you. In short, Nicky Dare is simply an altruistic and prolific human who has so much to give to the world!

Christy Adair

Team member

Christy Adair is the LAFD CERT Valley Bureau Coordinator. Christy received her CERT Training in 2001 through NBCUniversal where she currently serves as a CERT Team Leader and Instructor as well as sits on the prestigious CERT Advisory Council. Christy was the LAFD CERT Battalion 10 Coordinator from 2002 through 2017 until she began new duties as the LAFD CERT Valley Bureau Coordinator. Her professional life has involved working at various studios with film and TV production crews all over the world. She currently works at NBCUniversal in Labor Relations. Other volunteer activities have included working as a Responder with the LA Mayor’s Crisis Response Team; as an Instructor and Rose Parade Station Leader with the Red Cross; as a Ham Operator for LAFD ACS; and as a Lead Instructor with Impact Personal Safety.

Living in various parts of the country – Christy learned early how to prepare for tornadoes, flash floods, electrical storms, brush fires, and earthquakes, and once had to help neighbors evacuate in the middle of the night when a hurricane suddenly changed course. She serves her community just as her grandfather did when he started a CERT-like chapter in West Texas for community preparedness and disaster response in the 1940s. Continuing in her family’s tradition; Christy believes in building up communities to take care of themselves in disaster scenarios.


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