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At the, Preparedness Network, we offer a range of courses from leadership training for your organisation to safety and survival guides and planners. Scroll down to view all our courses or click the links below to browse our specific services.

Survival Training

2 day active shooter and response training

Enhance workplace safety and safeguard your employees with our comprehensive two-day training program. Designed specifically for leaders like you, who prioritize the protection and well-being of their staff, this course offers a flexible learning format, allowing participants to choose between in-person or virtual training sessions....

1 Week survival prepping MasterMind, are you prepared for the coming disasters?

This three-part mastermind will teach you how to Create A Risk Assessment plan, Build A 3-Day Survival Kit for your family, Assemble your 3-Week Survival Supply, and join today to receive a bonus 3-Month Survival plan, 8+ Hours of training videos, 10 Mini books on each chapter, and more.

Business Training

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